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Explore who you are and who you want to be in the new soul pop album 'What Do You Want'


Here's what people have said about the singles:

“The duo from Butte, Montana, have engineered an emotive and transcendental love song.” --KIMU


Championing a fierce message of courage and openness, ‘Stay’ navigates the troubled waters of human experience, helping the listener deal with problems instead of running away from them. The lyrical value is framed into a pretty organic arrangement, focusing on drums, guitars and long soundscapes. Showcasing Desperate Electric’s ability to adapt to any musical venture, always retaining their signature hooky songwriting and mesmerising voices. ” --Gabriel Mazza, We Are YMX


“‘Toasty’ is a soul-filled sensual landscape of sound. The instrumentation has a warm bounce with a groovy tone intertwined. The opening bass lick is a great hook for the intro, and the vocals cut in with a nice brassy sound. Kati Kortes’ vocal parts and harmonies build this angelic atmosphere that puts you in the mood for a nice summer daydream.“ --Sage Plapp, Rising Artists Blog


“Desperate Electric managed to put strength, personality and fun into a song with a lively, danceable melody, addictive verses, and make it easy to identify.” 

--Tamira Ferreira, Roadie Music

‘What Do You Want’ is really just one big question, applied to every aspect of life. Relationships, career, friendships, goals—it all boils down to asking yourself that over and over and over again; what do you want? This album really asks that question again and again in each song. Working through career struggles and relationship struggles to really find out what is it that you want. Rooted in R&B, soul, funk, and disco, these songs are pop forward, synth layered journeys. Strung together by their similarities, and categorized by their differences, each song tells a little bit more of our story—the good, bad, and ugly. There’s no real beginning and end, just moments, woven together with funky bass lines, four on the floor kick, and LOTS of vocal layers. Dive deep and ask yourself; what do you want?

Hot off their spring 2022 national tour, and a string of summer shows and festivals, Desperate Electric wants you to feel alive. Weaving melodies through the triumphs and tribulations of life, growing up, and relationships, the pair use their electric disco soul to tantalize crowds across the nation. Desperate Electric's high energy live show makes you feel good; their lyrics are playful and honest, exploring themes of both vulnerability and resiliency. Groove with them as their thoughtful composition glides along an emotional roller coaster. 

Desperate Electric explains the inspiration behind the album: 

This album really chronicles not only our journey, but we think what is a super relatable journey for people in relationships, or who have been in relationships. We write what we know, and that winds up being a lot about our relationship. All of these songs have a real life moment, or moments attached to them. We know that the good and the bad is all wrapped up together, and it doesn’t always make sense. Some of these songs are from Ben’s perspective, and some are from Kayti’s, while a handful of them are both sides coming together to talk about, sing about what we’re going through. These songs are sexy, honest, fun, and emotional. To sum it up, this album is about honesty, making mistakes, and being the best, sexiest version of yourself even when you don’t want to. 

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