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KEY WORDS: Genre to be described as ElectroSoul or Soul Pop. The feel of the music is Energetic, Groovy, and Lively. The performance is an Emotional Roller Coaster, with moments of Nostalgic Funk and Soul. 

TARGET ARTISTS: for use in targeting market demographics, music fans of:
Remi Wolf, Lawrence, DRAMA, The Dip, Hippo Campus, Parcels

BAND MEMBERS: Kayti Korte (bass, vocals) and Ben Morris (guitar, keys, synth, vocals, production)


"Some bands have talent, others have character, but very few have soul. Desperate Electric is all of that in one."  -Taste Magazine, 2020

Desperate Electric (formerly known as DASH) wants you to feel alive. Weaving melodies through the triumphs and tribulations of life, growing up, and relationships, the pair use their electric disco soul to tantalize crowds across the nation. Desperate Electric's high energy live show makes you feel good; their lyrics are playful and honest, exploring themes of both vulnerability and resiliency. Groove with them as their thoughtful composition glides along an emotional roller coaster. 

Dubbed ‘electro soul brilliance’, the Montana based duo ‘enlists a perfect combination of live instrumentation with killer beats and all the bells and whistles under the kitchen sink’ (Indie Pulse Music, 2020). Consisting of Ben Morris (guitar, keys, vocals, production) and Kayti Korte (bass, vocals), the pair fuse their many influences to create a sound that’s both contemporary and nostalgic of past decades of funk, rock ‘n roll, and soul.


Formerly known as DASH, Desperate Electric had a rocky start. The twosome began DASH with the intent to create and maintain a 4-piece rock band. During their first year as a band they released their debut album, ‘SUPER’, and began to tour regionally. Two weeks prior to their second regional tour they found themselves suddenly and unexpectedly without a drummer. Unable to find a replacement two weeks away from the tour, and rather than cancel the dates, they worked to find an alternate solution. Using his experience producing beats in college, Ben took on the task of creating MIDI drum tracks for their entire catalogue. By the end of the tour they found themselves also without a bass player, and upon returning to their hometown of Bozeman, MT their rock ‘n roll band was stripped down to just the two of them.

The following week, they recorded the first music that would foreshadow their current sound---the ‘Desperate Electric’ EP; named from the experience of going electronic out of pure desperation and sheer willpower to keep the show on the road.  Desperate Electric continues to tour the country and put music out, with the release of their album 'Still Not Giving You Up' in May 2020, and their 2021 single, 'Vacation'. Stay tuned for more music from Desperate Electric in 2022.